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With its new responsibility, BIG neededto improveitsexisting data center facilities,including backup systems, andconstruct consolidated networksbetween its offices and the 12 participating ministries involved in NSDI. This highlighted adata traffic and data redundancy issue between the agencies. Badan Informasi Geospasial requireda robust and integrated data center to connect to all government agencies throughout Indonesia,and to providepublic services with highavailability. The complexity of data traffic and real time analysismeant there werechallenges inbuilding anetwork ecosystem and data center that couldrunat the necessarybandwidth. High performance and a reliable system was essentialto ensuringdata communication wasoptimized.

Fujitsu provided BIG with an end to end solution that included high performance servers, a data center facility, middleware, GIS software, and training. This solution guarantees the success of the NSDI project and forms a basis for the NSIS to operate efficiently in the future. The high performance products and services provided by Fujitsu have a proven record in forming a seamless solution for effective data communication. Furthermore, with its high compatibility the solution can easily integrate with existing platforms (hardware and software), to accommodate any future business requirements or platform upgrades. Fujitsu provided a complete solution including hardware, data center enhancement, middleware, GIS software, and training. Fujitsu’s solution will enhance the existing BIG data center facilities, including data distribution and backup systems for all stakeholders involved in the project

Fujitsu recognized the high performance system was anessential part of BIG’s NSDI project, as it neededto gather and deliver geospatial data to and from the data center. By implementing Fujitsu’s proven end to end solution, BIG could gain the necessary reliability and power to manage the geospatial information effectively. By deploying the public portal to run on Fujitsu’s PRIMEQUEST servers,BIG ensured the system delivers global 24/7 availability. 10 Fujitsu PRIMERGY BladeChassis were then provided at 10 central agencies forming anetwork node to the main data center. Fujitsu’s robust and reliable PRIMERGY servers were chosen because they could guarantee optimal data communication alongthe network and data center. new systemimprovesdata communicationin terms of speed and data volume. dataredundancy between the nodes. BIG’s IT staffwas also given training to equip them with the necessary knowledge regarding database, infrastructure, and IT governance. This would allow them to optimize system and employee productivity. With the NSDI schedule firmly on track, BIG ispreparing for the next phase in which geospatial data willbe published cross a broader range of channels and industries. BIG iswell aware of the value of geospatial data, and how importantthe sharing of this data will befor government administration, national economic growth, transportation, and many other areas of society. The progress of the project is underpinned by the foundations set by the Fujitsu solution, and is helping Indonesia to prosper and grow as a nation. When selecting Fujitsu,BIG took into account the scale of the current NSDI project and the future of NSIS. BIG recognized that Fujitsu’s end to end solution was tried and tested and offered the best fit for their current and future needs. Fujitsu’s breadth of experience,coupled with a complete set of hardware, software, services and solutions,is capable of laying a platform that can scale with the nations growth.

High performance computing provides faster optimized data communication,allowing BIG to run a single data repository for all 12 ministries/10 central agencies.

Single repository data center enables data redundancy to be reduced to a minimum level. compatible Fujitsu solution and infrastructure easilyintegrateswith existing 3rdparty IT products,to ensure implementationand transitioniscompleted within a tight time frame. The successful progress of the project and alignment to the timeline has ensured BIG can confidently work towards the next phase. Aware of the importance of geospatial data and the NSDI project, BIG is racing against time to deliver services to the government. Now running on Fujitsu’s end to end solution, the process of gathering, managing and delivering geospatial data has been optimized and fully supports the minover coming these time constraints. Availability has always been one of the key success factors in delivering a high performance service to BIG, and was quickly achieved with the implementationofFujitsu’sPRIMERGY servers intoBIG’s data center. BIG’sNSDI project is a vital initiativefor Indonesia’s developmentas a nation. Completion of NSDI will mark a significant milestone for Indonesia as it takes positive steps towards the future.
parajumpers canada Badan Informasi Geospasial BIG